iPhone 11 -APPLE

iPhone 11 -APPLE
Apple recently launched its latest product, the Key Note program, which was launched last year.

The most important moment was the introduction of the iPhone 11 device which was supposed to be released this year. The display features a 6.1-inch, two rear-facing camera, and Apple's latest chip-set, the A13. But performance on the inside is very high compared to the iPhone XR. According to Apple, this is the fastest smart device out of all the smart jumping devices ever released. The rear camera features a 12MP wide-angle and a lower MP 12MP ultra-wide dual camera system. And the night mode option has been improved.  And when you watch a video from the iPhone it creates a 3D sound effect around the iPhone. This is called Apple, Spatial Audio. The Slow Motion Selfie is now available with the front selfi camera. It can record 4K (60fps) video with the same camera. As you all know, every year when a new iPhone arrives, the price of those devices is quite high. But the iPhone 11R is priced at $ 50 less than the iPhone XR released last year. That means the total value is $ 699. There are six colors to choose from. 
 Apple has introduced two new iPhones to the world in addition to the iPhone 11.  The iPhone 11 Pro comes with a 5.8-inch display and the Pro Max has a 6.5-inch display. Battery power adds another 4-5 hours compared to the previous iPhone XR. Super Retina comes with an XDR display.  Apple has decided to sell the iPhone 11 Pro for $ 999 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max for $ 1099 and will go on sale from September 20th. 
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